Curbside Service

Curbside Service Availability – Tuesday, January 18, 2022- Friday, January 21, 2022

Curbside Pickup is available Monday – Wednesday – Friday, 9:00-11:45 AM and 1:00-3:45;
Tuesday & Thursday, 10:00-11:45 AM and 1:00-5:45 PM.

A Few Important Things to Know About CCPL Curbside Service

A Maximum of 25 items may be placed on HOLD with EACH Patron Card.  Households and families with multiple cardholders are encouraged to place HOLDS on each valid CCPL card.  These HOLDS may include a combination of books, up to 3 Movies, up to 3 Books on CD, and up to 6 music CDS.  (Reference Materials, Magazines, and Inter-Library Loans Will NOT be available.

CCPL Audio-Visual Materials (Movies, Books on CD, Music CDs) may now be placed on HOLD and will have a 14 Day Circulation.  However, item checkout limits will still apply. (AV Limits per card: 3 Movies, 3 Books on CD, 6 Music CDs.)  **If a patron’s hold list more than the allowed AV Checkout limit selected, CCPL Staff will pull the appropriate number from titles on the list for the patron’s Curbside Order.  **Movies may now be checked out by Junior Card Holders.

When selecting materials to place on  HOLD for Curbside Service patrons should place AVAILABLE Items on HOLD.  While patrons are welcome to place HOLDS on unavailable items, these items will not be available to pull for curbside pickup as they have not yet been returned.  (HOLDS on unavailable items count toward the maximum number of HOLDS available for each patron card.) Patrons who currently have or will have HOLDS on unavailable items will be contacted when the item arrives regarding a HOLD Pick-up Option other than CCPL Curbside Service.

All items check out for two weeks (14 days) at a time.  An item on loan may be renewed one time unless a HOLD request has been placed on the item.

Curbside Pickup in Seven Steps

  1. Begin by visiting the CCPL website at  Select MY ACCOUNT in the Upper Left Corner of the Page.  You will be directed to the CCPL Online Catalog Page.
  2. Select LOG IN, which is located in the Upper Right Corner of the CCPL Online Catalog Page.
  3. Enter your Library Card Number (All 14 numbers with no spaces or dashes) and PIN (the last four digits of your library card number.) *CCPL Patrons have the option of changing their PIN to their own EZ Password.  If you changed to a personal password, you will enter it instead of a PIN.
  4. Search for titles you wish to place on HOLD.  Make sure your selection is NOT an Electronic Resource (eBook, eAudio, etc.)  When you find a title you want to place on HOLD, Click the PLACE HOLD Button and then select “I want the first available copy” and then click submit hold. *A Message displays in a green box at the top of the page when a HOLD has been successfully placed.
  5. Review your HOLDS by clicking on your account in the Top Right Corner of the Page.  HOLDS placed on unavailable items will display a status of In Transit rather than Arrived. (HOLDS place on unavailable items will show your position in the Queue (Hold List)  You are now ready to schedule a Curbside Pickup.
  6. Schedule a Curbside Pickup. HOLD Lists MUST be placed at least 24 Hours Before a scheduled Pickup. *Patrons will be allowed to pick up orders for Household & Family Members, Friends & Neighbors who have created HOLD Lists on their accounts.  Each patron MUST be listed on the scheduling form when submitting an appointment request.
  7. CCPL Curbside Pickup will be located in CCPL’s Side Parking Lot.  When you arrive at CCPL, drive around the building to the parking area directly behind the Higgins House.  Park in a Designated Parking Spot (Large Numbered Orange Cones) and Call (270) 753-2288 for Instructions.  Please DO NOT EXIT your vehicle until you have been directed to do so by a CCPL Staff Member.  (If all Designated Parking Spaces are filled at the time you arrive, please wait until one is open before calling to let us know you have arrived.)