Strategic Plan

2013 Strategic Plan: Strategic Initiatives

1. Educate the public about the library

1.1 Objective:Create a comprehensive Marketing Plan.
Details:Establish a budget. Include traditional media, social media, marketing materials, promotional items, etc.
Owner:Sandy Linn
Due Date:January 14, 2014

1.2 Objective:Form a Friends of the Library group.
Details:Establish a steering committee and establish the guidelines for CCPL Friends of the Library. Implement the program.
Owner:Sandy Linn
Due Date:April 2014

2. Drive an organizational culture that excels in customer service

2.1 Objective:Develop customer service training program for staff.
Details:Not a one-time event. Should include beginner training for new employees and advanced training for experienced employees.
Owner:A.J. Boston
Due Date:February 2014

2.2 Objective:Define core competencies for staff.
Details:Include training to achieve competency. Incorporate into employee scheduling so each shift has needed competencies.
Owner:Mignon Pittman and A.J. Boston
Due Date:December 2013

2.3 Objective:Implement an employee dress code.
Details:Not a uniform. Make it easy for a patron to identify an employee.
Owner:Mignon Pittman
Due Date:July 1, 2014

2.4 Objective:Simplify getting a library card.
Details:Staff will research other library’s procedures and establish a new system.
Owner:Mignon Pittman and A.J. Boston
Due Date:June 30, 2014

2.5 Objective:Manager on duty at all times
Details:There will be a trained full-time employee/leader in the library at all times. (Saturday and Sundays)
Owner:Mignon Pittman
Due Date:December 2013

3. Define and implement a long term, user focused facility plan

3.1 Objective:Complete a facility needs assessment survey.
Details:Identify target groups, survey format, survey questions, how to reach target groups, and timing. Test survey, execute survey, and analyze results.
Owner:Board Appointed Committee A
Due Date:June 30, 2014

3.2 Objective:Evaluate option of sharing facility with other community service organization(s) to share cost
Details:Analyze results.
Owner:Board Appointed Committee A
Due Date:June 30, 2014

3.3 Objective:Develop a financial plan for expansion.
Details:Evaluate and recommend sources of funding for expansion through a needs assessment.
Owner:Board Appointed Committee B
Due Date:June 30, 2015

4. Improve and expand programs, materials, and services

4.1 Objective:Assess impact of current programs and services.
Details:Survey patrons and collect actual use data.
Owner:Library Managers(Mignon, Sandy, A.J., Wyneth)
Due Date:October 2014

4.2 Objective:Expand current program offering.

Details:Integrate with framework established in Strategic Initiative 5. Survey patrons for wants. Consider youth technology programs, off-site programs, multi-lingual services and resources, and children’s programming at hours convenient for working parents.
Owner:Sandy Linn
Due Date:November 2014 Execute (February 2014 Plan in place)

4.3 Objective:Explore partnership with Murray Calloway Transit Authority
Details:Improve access for patrons without transportation
Owner:Mignon Pittman
Due Date:August 2013

5. Establish framework for self-assessment and identification of best practices

5.1 Objective: Implement best practices
Details: Identify, visit, and benchmark best-in-class libraries. Recommend and implement best practices learned.
Owner:Library Managers (Mignon, Sandy, A.J., Wyneth)
Due Date:February 2014

5.2 Objective:Evaluate and Implement a merit based pay system for all CCPL employees.
Details:Implement a merit based pay system.
Owner:Mignon Pittman and Teresa Betts
Due Date:July 2015

5.3 Objective:Define and implement a professional development program for all employees.

Details:Integrate with customer service and core competencies training.
Owner:Library Managers (Mignon, Sandy, A.J., Wyneth)
Due Date:January 2015

2013 Strategic Plan

The CCPL Strategic Plan will be communicated to stakeholders as follows:

  • Create Strategic Plan document
    • Mission, Vision, and Values – with signatures
    • Message from Executive Director
    • Message from Board of Trustees
    • Strategy
    • Strategic Initiatives
    • Objectives
  • Review Strategic Plan with all employees
  • Post on website
  • Issue a press release
  • Provide a bound copy to all participants

2011 Strategic Plan

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